Pokemon Tower Defense 3

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Pokemon Tower Defense 3 unblocked

Do you remember the most beloved pokemons? They have started conquering the hearts of kids since childhood and even nowadays, with different online flash games, try to have their own place in the heart of any gamer who is just crazy about the legend characters. Another sequel of the very amazing game Pokemon Tower defense 3 unblocked is here! After the issuance of the second part of the game, the devoted players were ready to play the amazing sequence and finally, the third part is here join the game community and start your days with pokemons: here, you are the master of the whole life,  select the favorite pokemon and go ahead! Remember that all of the pokemons have abilities which differ from each other. You can choose one of them according to your wishes. As players say, the game is too easy to play as the instructions are explained simply, but the whole adrenaline that the series give you is indescribable.


At the beginning there is a cut scene where a news reporter and a cameraman are on their duty. Suddenly the live translation is interrupted by some kind of glitch. On the screen appear 2 shadows. One of them is a boy and the other is a pokemon. From the boy’s words we know that he used Porygon to hack the signal. He then moves out of shadow and says that he is Noah Ketchum, the leader of Neo Rocket and he will fight for the justice. After that we see Ash in the laboratory, watching all this. His words are: ” My son… How could you?”.

Right after that story moves us 19 years prior to this day where we see little Noah and his Pichu running back home with some candies. Unfortunately, he slips and drops all of them. This is the starts of the first level. Keep off hungry Ratattas from your candies and at the same time try to catch one of them. This is very important, without Ratatta you will not be able to pass the next level. After completing this little quest, Jesse and James appear in front of Noah and tell him that they got Gary, Professor Oak’s grandson, and want Ash to come to the cave.

Little boy does what they told him and Ash goes to the cave. Noah follows him despite his father’s prohibition. Now we jump to stage 2. Your mission in to save your dad and uncle. Kill the Zubats and Geodude. Remember, like in previous level you must capture Zubat if you want to defeat Geodude. You can capture Geodude, as well.
It is better for me to stop this here, because the game will lose its fun if I tell you everything. So this was all I could tell you. Find out what happens next by playing it yourself.

pokemon tower defense 3Gameplay

You, the protector of your base have to fight against enemies, otherwise they will ruin our own world. As you pass level by level, the journey becomes more interesting and the barrier, hard to overcome, but thanks god, the map which is inbuilt in the system gives you a clear picture how you will end the particular level and what kind of difficulties you have to face in order to overcome the current obstacles. You can control the lives which describe the health condition of any pokemon. During your path through the game, you meet some friendly characters and surely, they are on your side. Different personalities, strange abilities but one and the same goal- to win them all is number one characteristic of the pokemon tower defense 3 unblocked. Of course, the updates are available as well as the online shop where you can buy special tool. So, try to catch the soul of the game and your whole day will be filled with cheerful spirit.

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