Pokemon Tower Defense 2

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Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Pokemon Tower Defense 21997 was a very productive year for the whole world, but 1 fact became a base for 19 years old history. The First season of Pokemons began. It was a very different cartoon at that times. People slowly began to watch it. Soon it became so popular that second season was made. Now it has 19 seasons and various games were made based on it. Today we will talk about Pokemon Tower Defense 2, the game that has been #1 choice for all Pokemon fans over the years.


The name of the game kind of gives you hint that you must defend something, but it is not a tower at all. It is characters and Pokemons. First 2 levels are very easy. You can pass them with your eyes closed. However, third one is much tougher so be prepared.

In the beginning of a story mode professor Oak ask you several questions. Then you see your character walking. 3 starter Pokemons appear in front of him. 3 shadow enemies are after them. This is your first fight. Use your starters to beat their shadow clones. After defeating them, you see that all that was just a dream. This is where the real story begins. Go to professor Elm and choose your first Pokemon. It can be either Cyndaquil, Totodile or Chikorita. After choosing one, you leave the laboratory and let it out. No matter which one you choose, they run away. You go after it and find your buddy in the woods. Those shadow Pokemons are there as well. Your mission is to defend 2 other starters from those shadowy opponents using your buddy.

Upon finishing this mission, your character tells everything to professor. Then you get out of the lab and your old rival Silver calls you for a battle. Of, course you beat him easily. Then Elm gives you PokePad and Pokeballs.